Choi Siwon and Han Geng to Act in “Gossip Girl”??

Recently, the funding proposal for China’s version of “Gossip Girl” was leaked, Choi Siwon and Li Wei are both candidates for the lead role of Chuck in the Chinese remake of “Gossip Girl”. Netizens have stated that based on the American version of Chuck’s qualities, Choi Siwon is the best selection. In the popular drama “Oh! My Lady” that was broadcast in Korea a while ago, Choi Siwon’s performance was highly praised, also having considerable popularity at the same time, undoubtedly Choi Siwon will branch out into Chinese movies and dramas.
In addition, Han Geng has the biggest hope of beating Zhang Han to the role of Nate in China’s version of “Gossip Girl”. Within the members of Super Junior, the personal relationship between Han Geng and Choi Siwon is the best, there are netizens who revealed that Choi Siwon used Han Geng’s relationship to break into the Chinese market to film dramas and performances, these various kinds of activities were all arranged through Han Geng. If there are good opportunities then Han Geng will certainly look after Siwon so that they can both continue their brotherly relationship and appear together in “Gossip Girl”, anyhow the attractiveness of this drama is unequalled and is greatly anticipated.

Also, it has been exposed that in order for the extremely popular “2010 Super Boy” Chen Xiang to appear in the Chinese version of “Gossip Girl”, it is extremely likely that he will be “eliminated” from today’s “5 into 4 knock-out competition” to fight with Zhang Jie for the role of “Dan”. Recently he has even been rehearsing, campaigning, trying out for roles, attending training and classes, dieting to maintain his physique, undoubtedly to do battle with the new and old Super Boys.

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TRAILER – Highlight Scene of Athena : Goddess of War


Popular drama ‘Cinderella Sister’ with popular OST — (Yesung)

Popular drama ‘Cinderella Sister’ with the equally popular OST sung by Yesung.

KBS2 TV drama ‘Cinderella Sister’ OST is getting a lot of attention.

The main title song of ‘Cindella Sister’: ‘It Has To Be You’ is a pop-ballad song which is sung by Super Junior Yesung. This morning (April 8th), the song got no.1 on SK coloring (ringtone) chart and no.1 on Cyworld BGM chart – which earned an explosive reaction.

‘It Has To Be You’ or ‘Cin(derella) Eonnie’ gathered public’s attention as it was released before the drama national broadcast schedule. The song expresses a man’s heart that he will never give up on his lover. Accompanied by SuJu member Yesung’s voice, ‘It Has To Be You’ is getting a lot of applause.

A-STORY – the producer of ‘Cinderella Sister’ announced that since last autumn, Super Junior has been cooperating with Park Joon-su (the composer of ‘What happened in Bali’ & ‘Spring Day’ OST) on this song only, and the heart-breaking melodies of the song will touch audience’s hearts.

Besides, ‘Cinderella Sister’ was ranked no.1 amongst all the dramas broadcast on Wed-Thu with the rating of 16.1% on April 7th according to BSB.

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Super Junior to Sing for Dream Comes True OST

꿈은 이루어진다 OST [슈퍼주니어] Dream Comes True OST [Super Junior] Super Junior will sing an OST song for the movie Dream Comes True. The movie is about 2002 World Cup where North and South Korean soccer fans come together to watch the world cup game. The song will be released on April 28th.


Oh! My Lady surpasses MBC News Desk in just 2 episodes! Why is it so popular?

The SBS Monday/Tuesday drama ‘Oh! My lady’ starring Choi Shiwon and Chaerim surpassed MBC’s ‘News Desk’ and jumped up to 2nd place in just two episodes.

According to the viewer rating organization, AGBnielsen Media Research, the episode of ‘Oh! My lady’ that aired on March 23rd recieved a rating of 11.7%(country-wide rating) which surpassed MBC’s ‘News Desk’(10.1%) which was on at the same time.
KBS 1TV ‘News9′ which was also airing at the same time recieved the number one rating of 17.6%.

The SBS Monday/Tuesday drama is standing out even if it is in the same time slot as the 9 o’ clock news.
Just like the drama that was shown before it, ‘Pick the Stars/Stars Falling from the Sky’, ‘Oh! My Lady’ is anticipated to jump way over the rating of the 9 o’ clock news.

‘Oh! My Lady’ features the picky Top Star Sung Minwoo (Choi Shiwon) and the lovely and touch ajjumma Yoon Gaehwa (Chaerim) and their daily bickerings.

On this broadcast, Sung Minwoo’s hidden daughter Yeeun (Kim Yoobin)’s identity will be revealed to the world and suddenly gets caught in a scandal. The drama is recieving interest as to how Sung Minwoo will overcome this ordeal.
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Choi Siwon starring “Oh! My Lady” is popular in China!!

The latest TV Show in SBS < Oh ! My Lady > which Choi Siwon from Super Junior had the main role for acting had became a topic in China .

Choi Siwon plays as a main guy character named Sung Min Woo. The character is a cold and cocky top star. Siwon’s China Fans had made a lot of signs during Super Show 2 in Shanghai which held on the 6th of march . Those signs were showing Oh ! My Lady and Choi Siwon’s name in the act “Sung Min Woo”. Besides, there is also a lot of supporting material wonderfully made by Siwon’s fans .

This had been an aid to the eyes . Although the show had not been broadcasted on TV , but Siwon’s Fans in China had used many ways to show their support towards the drama such as writing “Oh My Lady broadcast persistency !” , “ Sung Star Fighting !” “Oh ! my Sung Min Woo”. Through these words we see that they really concern about this drama and also found out that Choi Siwon had great popularity in Asia . Besides, when “Oh ! My Lady” preview was on air, it has been on the top of several search engines . In other search engines, this topic had also rising on the number of searching . This is because there was a part where Choi Siwon shows his abs in the preview . Truthly we had feel the “Choi Siwon effect”.

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Siwon for Oh! My lady Snapshot

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in association with SIWON – Drama Pictures Revealed, Chaerim’s Role Garners Interest

Sina Entertainment News Beijing time, 22nd February, afternoon news, according to Korean media reports, the TV new drama <My Lady> that is scheduled to air on the 22nd of March, released new pictures of the drama, with the “madam manager” role that Chaerim will take on garnering special interest. <My Lady> is a drama about the female lead played by Chaerim, who by chance becomes the manager of a top star. Korean idol group Super Junior’s Choi Shiwon will play the big star in the drama, acting opposite Chaerim. TV drama <My Lady> which talks about the fighting spirit of a normal Korean madam will start airing on the 22nd of March on SBS.

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Siwon during Oh! My Lady’s Filming

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